For Licensed Providers

What is CyBC?

CyBC is a music and movement curriculum in Spanish for children 0-5 and their adult caregivers. It is designed to be accessible to all families, regardless of native language, musical background, ethnicity, age or ability.

Is CyBC a Music class or a Spanish class?

CyBC is both a music class in Spanish and a Language Immersion class that introduces the Spanish language through the musical traditions of Spanish-speaking countries.

Who can offer CyBC and is there a License Fee to bring CyBC to my center?

This program is available exclusively to Music Together licensed centers. And although you must submit an application with CyBC LLC and sign a separate License Agreement, there is no fee for current Music Together licensees.

Does the Director need to speak Spanish?

The Center Director does NOT have to speak Spanish as all business dealings are conducted in English. If however, Spanish is the Director’s native language and they need to speak to someone in Spanish, they will be accommodated.

Does my teacher have to be fully fluent or is singing the songs in Spanish enough?

The teacher doesn’t always have to be a native speaker, but a high level of proficiency and near-native pronunciation is required. The teacher needs to be a language model in class and is responsible for teaching the language as a main goal of the curriculum.

Does a non-MT trained teacher candidate have to take the MT training first?

A potential CyBC candidate may take the Teacher Trainings in any order. Ideally, your teacher has already taken the Music Together training and been teaching for you for close to a year or more. However, because Music Together understands that this may delay the process in getting your CyBC classes running in your center, MT is willing for a well-vetted teacher (by CyBC) to take the CyBC Training first. We then encourage your teacher to take the Music Together Teacher Training within the following calendar year.

The reason your teacher needs to take a separate training is that the CyBC training is quite different from your initial Music Together Teacher Training. Even though the foundational principles of music learning are the same, teachers learn to implement the additional language immersion techniques required in the CyBC curriculum.

Finally, since MT recognizes there will be some instances where a center director needs to send a teacher to both the Music Together and Canta y Baila Conmigo TT’s within a one-year period, any person taking both Trainings will receive a coupon for 50% off the 2nd training.

How do I mentor my teacher if they have never taught the class?

Even if you are not a Spanish speaker, your expertise as a master teacher makes you a valuable mentor to your new CyBC teacher. Canta y Baila Conmigo also offers support tools to both directors and teachers to help you with your teacher’s ongoing development. We strongly suggest that directors become familiar with our program and how it differs from a MT class. We invite directors to attend the first day of the CyBC Teacher Training if it is happening in a city near you or to attend a demo class with your teacher if one is offered in a neighboring center.

Where can I offer my CyBC classes?

Canta y Baila Conmigo classes may be offered in any of your approved Music Together center locations. If you want to offer CyBC classes in a non-approved Music Together location, you will first need to apply for that new location with Music Together by submitting an Additional Location Request Form. *We ask that you always inform [email protected] by email of your intent to request a new location.

Who is my target market?

CyBC is sure to broaden your customer base, as it has proven its appeal to a variety of families such as:

    • Native Spanish speakers looking for a quality educational program in Spanish
    • Parents with a Hispanic background wanting to reconnect their families with their language and culture
    • Non-Spanish speakers who recognize the advantages of second language acquisition and who want to learn along with their kids
  • Families looking for a fun weekly activity to share with their children, or for children to enjoy with their Spanish-speaking caregivers.

My families mostly speak English, is this program appropriate for them?

Yes! You will find that your non-Spanish speaking families who recognize the advantages of second language acquisition will want to learn along with their kids! As a matter of fact, a CyBC class is very similar to a MT class! If you would like to view a Canta y Baila Conmigo Demo Class go to:

What kind of materials do my families receive?

Each enrolled family receives:

  • a full-colored, illustrated Spanish-language songbook with beautiful, professionally recorded music collections carefully selected to represent the wide variety of Hispanic musical traditions and genres.
  • accompanying CD and download song card which can be played on any device.
  • an English Language Supplement with song translations, vocabulary and grammar points for families learning Spanish.

What kind of materials do my teachers receive?

Teacher materials include a sample Family Songbook with CD and download song card, a Teacher’s Resource Guide with bowling sheets, song suggestions and lesson plans for the first 4 weeks of class. A highly recommended, but optional, set of beautifully illustrated cue cards and literacy posters are also available for purchase for each collection. These are made of quality materials and can be reused for years to come.

What is the Service Fee for CyBC?

The Service Fee for your CyBC Family materials will always be the same as the Service Fee for your Music Together Family materials.

What are the cue cards and literacy posters? Why is the cost separate from the Service Fee?

Strongly recommended, the cue cards and literacy posters are an important component to the CyBC curriculum. Because we do more visual support for our language learning, the copyrighted cue cards are an essential “prop” that teachers will use often in their classes. Directors may decide how many sets they would like to purchase for their centers.

It could be one per teacher or per location.

Finally, though highly recommended, purchase again, is optional.

Do I need to buy any other props to run the class?

CyBC classes can be run using the same props and instruments as your Music Together classes. However, of course, we do recommend a few additions which used on occasion, offer a great source of enrichment to your class.

These props can include a set of castanets (wooden or plastic), hand drums, and finger puppets. You can purchase these additional props all at once or just little by little. It is at the Director’s discretion, though we do recommend purchasing your set of castanets first.