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Berkeley, CA, USA
Oakland, CA, USA
Julie Tanenbaum
Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC, NY, USA
Deanna deCampos
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Roseville, MN, USA
Jessica Lee
Frascati, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
Marianna Jennifer Rigel
Cape Coral, FL, USA
LouAnne Dunfee
Boston, MA, USA
Belmont, MA, USA
Brookline, MA, USA
Cambridge, MA, USA
Mattapan, MA, USA
Laura Sabini
Hastings, Michigan, USA
Richland, Michigan, USA
Rebecca Lee Sanchez
Inwood, NY, USA
Riverdale, NY, USA
Woodlawn, NY, USA
Siobhan O’Malley
Highlands, KY, USA
Prospect, KY, USA
Westport, KY, USA
Katie O’Dea
Rogers, AR, USA
Bentonville, AR, USA
Jessica Dutton
Eagan, MN, USA
Savage, MN, USA
Cheryl Hornstein
North Side, Chicago, IL, USA
Camille McClain and Julie de Grandpre
Coral Gables, FL, USA
Miami Lakes, Miami, FL
Pinecrest, FL, USA
Missy K. Smith
St. Petersburg, FL, USA
Colleen Lilley
Harlem, NYC, NY, USA
Hamilton Heights, NYC, NY, USA
Washington Heights, NYC, NY, USA
Yonkers, NYC, NY, USA
Kara Dago-Clark
Chelsea, NYC, NY, USA
West Village, NYC, NY, USA
Rosanna Magarelli
Conway, Little Rock, AR, USA
Stacy Butler
Cranford, NJ, USA
Scotch Plains, NJ, USA
Judy Wilson
Cheshire, CT, USA
Liz McNicholl
Capitola, CA, USA
Los Gatos, CA, USA
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Watsonville, CA, USA
Lizz Hodgin
Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Naomi Weinberger
Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Nikolai Moderbacher
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Frances Durkin
Morningside Heights, NYC, NY, USA
Gabriele Tranchina
Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Prospect Park South, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Kira Smith
Scarsdale, NY, USA
Tarrytown, NY, USA
Jackie Freimor
Dix Hills, NY, USA
Smithtown, NY, USA
St. James, NY, USA
Monica Moyers
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